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Author: Mark Montoya
February 2, 2011

Training Videos and Images of How to Use iDeposit for iPhone, Android and iPad

Convenience is the general theme that our society has been speeding towards, getting things fast and easy, that’s the way we like to roll. We can see this through the popularity of services like Netflix; instant movies, and iTunes; instant music. Credit cards in essence, are fast money, but not fast enough.

Services for taking payments on your iPhone is relatively new. Our company released an application that would users to accept credit cards from their smartphone and it has since caught on and many variants including card readers are hitting the streets. Enabling small vendors, artists, even used item hockers, to charge their customers via the seamless instant swipe of plastic.

If you aren’t familiar with iDeposit.Net we are a mobile payment processing service founded in 2001. Well-funded and ambitious, we aim to become the standard for mobile payment processing, especially for small businesses.

Our experience spans many industries and hundreds of websites, and gives us the advantage of knowing what works online and what doesn’t. Our clients’ reap the benefits of our experience and collective knowledge through our architectural consulting.

We want to be a long-term partner in your business, and our commitment to you doesn’t end after your first transaction. Let us show you the same advantages of working with what we’ve shown our existing customers. Credit Card Reader Apple iOS Credit Card Reader are available! Quantities are limited. Your credit card will not be charged until we are ready to ship.

* Works with iPhone 3GS and 4G
* No batteries required
* Process transactions faster
* Lower processing fees

Credit Card Reader Demo

For those who already have the iDeposit smartphone application already installed, the following are helpful videos to help familiarize you with the process of installation, set-up and processing sales.

Application Installation

Application Configuration

How to Process a Sale

Now you can process Credit Cards with your iPad. There is no additional charge, just download and configure if you already have an account.

Current Features

* Process Credit Card Sales
* Process Credit Card Returns
* Settle Batch
* Void Unsettled Transactions
* Review Unsettled Transactions
* Review Settled Transactions
* Review Failed Transactions
* Email Receipts to your Customers


A Pre-Authorization is used when you would like to keep a Credit Card Authorization pending beyond a single day. A Pre-Authorization can not be settled until you Complete it. A Pre-Authorization can also be voided. It’s important to note that a Pre-Authorization against a debit card will place a 3-5 day hold for the charge amount.

Use the following steps to Pre-Authorize a Credit Card.

Select Process – Pre-Auth from Home Screen Enter Card Holder Information Click Process Button

Use the following steps to Complete a Pre-Authorization

Select Process – PA Complete from Home Screen Highlight the Pre-Auth Transaction you would like to Complete Click PA Complete Button

Use the following steps to Void a Pre-Authorization

Select Process – Void from Home Screen Highlight the Pre-Auth Transaction you would like to Void Click Void Button