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November 21, 2011

Have you heard about Google Wallet? Google Wallet is a new mobile payment system designed and developed by Google. The aim of the new development is that users can use the payment system to store credit card, gift card or loyalty card details. Read the rest of this entry »

August 10, 2011

Many consider 2011 to be the year of mobile. The “always on” mentality has become more common then ever before, further blurring the line between work and personal time. The need to remain in constant contact is easy to get wrapped up in, and new technology makes it easier and fun to do. Mobile phones are fast becoming the preferred way to access the web and engage with people and content. Read the rest of this entry »

If there are pieces of advice which entrepreneurs hold on to for their dear life, it is that businesses should know their customers. This is because businesses often have to assume the role of a mind reader. It’s not just persuasion and sheer luck that makes for a sale. Read the rest of this entry »

April 8, 2011

One of the keys to small business success is managing money. Whether it’s cash flow, credit or expenses, having money when you need it keeps the business going. More importantly, it can enable owners to make the investments necessary to grow their businesses.

With today’s smartphone technology, it’s easier than ever to keep track of financial indicators. Read the rest of this entry » iPhone App v2.0

Author: Mark Montoya
March 25, 2011
New iPhone and iPad update!

New iPhone and iPad update!

* Finger Signature
* Improved Email Receipts
* Improved Keyboard
* InApp Settings


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iPhone Credit Card Terminal

Author: Mark Montoya
February 21, 2011

Credit Card Terminal transmits credit card information directly to our banks. The credit card information is not communicated to our servers. All transactions are protected with SSL encryption. Credit Card Terminal does not store credit card numbers after the transmission is complete. Your Authorize.Net API Login ID and Transaction Key are stored using the Apple Keychain, which provides encryption and application isolation. We strongly recommend that you secure your iPhone by enabling Passcode Lock and Auto-Lock to prevent fraudulent transactions.

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